Membership Information

We are excited to meet you and have you become a Lovely Laurel!

Applying to NCL, Inc. happens each fall during our Membership Drive. Typically, mothers seek membership when their daughter has just started 6th grade as our chapter’s new year commences the following spring. However, members may apply up to entering 10th grade and simply make up the philanthropy hours due in the previous years. This is a doable task!

The NCL experience is designed as a six-year program. Each grade level, rising 7th graders through 12th grade, is organized into a “Class.” For example, girls entering 7th grade in the fall of 2017 are the Class of 2023. Typically, there are about 20-30 girls in each class.

Each year, members are required to:
-Perform a minimum number of community service hours.
-Attend a minimum number of monthly chapter meetings.
-Participate in League supportive activities and events.
-Assume a leadership position annually as an event chair, charity liaison or board member.
-Meet the annual financial obligation, approximately $400, which can be paid full or in several installments. Note: this amount is an estimate and is based on average dues when joining as a rising 7th grader.